Monday, 28 May 2012

Adding Jump Break to your post in Blogger


After starting my blog about Japanese anime :
( ),  I am starting this 2nd blog to share some info and tips that I have pick up and learn about tweaking my blog. This info is mainly for newbie blogger ( such as myself  ) that might be struggling to improve your blog design
or feel.

I will start with how to add a Jump Break on your blog post.

Jump Break basically break your post into 2 area. You can use jump break if you are posting a rather long post, or a post with a lot of pictures.

For example, my post: 100 Wallpaper for One Piece Anime consist of 100 wallpaper.
It will frustrate most of my blog reader if they suddenly found themselves with 100 wallpaper,
when they just want to browse through my blog.

So by adding the jump break function after putting some brief introduction to your post
( or a nice large wallpaper in my case ), it will give my blog reader a choice.

They can browse through the blog, or if they are interested to read / view more, they can choose to do so.

The steps are as follows:
  • Log in to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Go to post ( if already have one / like to modify existing post )
  • Select the post you want
  • Determine where to place your jump break
  • On the top part of your dashboard, select Jump Break

Jump break appear on your post after clicking it: 

Success!  Now your blog is much cleaner and it has that professional blogger feel to it

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