Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bigger YouTube Video on Blogger

Everybody like a cool video on a blog. Video such as this:


KARA 5th Mini Album 'PANDORA' Music Video

But what if you want to increase the video size? make it bigger & wider? Like this :


Want it? Let's do it..

1. If you haven't include a video on your post, you might want to check out my previous
    post :     Adding YouTube Video in Blogger.

2. After adding your YouTube video, click on the HTML button on the top left of your blog 
    post screen.

3. Look at the code on your post. Look for these 2 codes:

    There should be 2 lines of each codes in here 

4. Change the line to these :


5. Click the Compose button and Tadaa!

Nice right...go ahead and enjoy Wanna from K-Pop group KARA...better yet, try playing both video at the same time. You'll get a 3D surround sound experience!

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