Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Adding YouTube Video in Blogger

Having a video on your blog is cool. It makes your blog more lively, more informative,
heck, it just makes your blog cooler.

    KARA -  Wanna ( version 2 )

Nothing like a gorgeous korean K-Pop group to make your blog cooler ^-^
Let's add some video shall we...

1. In your blog post, decide where to put you video by placing the mouse cursor there.

2. Click on this icon on top of your blog post

3. You will be provided the option to select your video source. Let choose From YouTube

4. Key in the name of the video that you want to include from YouTube.
    I usually go to YouTube in a separate tab and search it there first. Once I get the video 
    that I want, I just copy the video URL address and paste it into this box. 
    It's easier that way.

5. Once you found the video that you want, click on it and click Select

6. That's it! Congrats! Now your blog have an YouTube video, any it's way cooler
     than before..

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