About me

Site Surveyor by day, Newbie Blogger / Anime lover by night.

Started my first blog on April 2012. It's a blog about Japanese Anime, Manga, Figurine & Cosplay.
In the beginning the blog look like hell. I did not know what to do, and most of my friends don't
have a blog to refer to. Except for my baby sister, but her blog is about women clothing...

So began my journey in the land of blogging. I scoured the internet for blogging tips & tricks,
blogging books and videos on Youtube. Read other people blog and take notes on what's
interesting - i.e worth copying  ^-^

And i take notes. Lots of them. Then comes the bright idea of creating a second blog, 
so that I could organize all those cluttered notes & tips into a guide. That I could actually
makes sense of.

Check out my Blog, message me, mail me, whatever you like.

First Blog:      http://khairul-animecollections.blogspot.com/
Facebook :    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tweaking-Your-Blog/344576072285512
Twitter :         https://twitter.com/#!/Khairul54920800

Khairul Nizam

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