Monday, 30 July 2012

Adding Scroll to Top Widget on Blogger

Scroll to top button is very useful when you have a Gazillion post in your blog. Imagine how thankful your blog readers will be, when your blog is very easy to navigate. Now reading a Gazillion post will be much more easier!

If the thought of editing your blog HTML code makes you frown ( like me ), adding a widget is far easier choice. 

1. Go to :

2. There will be a few interesting design to choose from :

3. After selecting your button design, select the size and location of the button. 

    I did not include the jQuery Plugin because I've install one earlier. 

    Click Add to Blogger to proceed

4. If you have more than one blog, select the blog that you want to install the scroll button 
    here. Click on Add Widget

5. You will be taken to the Layout page of your blog, where the widget is already installed. 
     It will be the one on the top position. If you click on it, the codes will look like this:

6. I save a copy of this code in a Notepad program in case I need to reinstall the button in
     the future

7. Position your widget as you please. I put mine at the bottom most because I don't want  
    my page to load slower if it's on the top most position.  Click Save Arrangement to 
    complete your installation


Cool, huh?

By Khairul Nizam

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