Friday, 13 July 2012

Changing Background Image in Blogger

Ever wondered how to customized / pimp your blog further?
by replacing background image from this:

to this :

Let's start pimping...

1. Log in to your Blogger account
2. Go to Template

3. Click on the Customise button

4. Click on  Background.  Notice that little grey arrow between  Background image &  
    Remove image?  Click on it.

5. Here you will have the choice on either to choose from the various categorized wallpaper 
     provided, or choose your very own image to upload. For this tutorial, i'm choosing the  
    Technology category,  and click on the desired image.

    Click Done after you have made your choice.

6. If you prefer to upload your own image, click on Upload image - Choose File,
    and browse to where your image are located.

    Your image need to be smaller than 300 Kilobytes in size, preferably with 1800 x 1600
    or greater dimension. Only JPG, GIF or PNG file format accepted.

    Click Done after you have made your choice.

7. See that Scroll with page box? It's an option either to let your new background image 
    scroll with your blog contents or remain static. 

    I choose to unchecked  the Scroll with page box, making my background image static

8. Feel free to play around with the customization option available here. Try a different 
    background image, different setting, etc..hey, it's your blog, you pimp it your way, right?

9. Click on Apply to Blog, then Back to Blogger after you are satisfied with the new 
    look of your background image

10. Enjoy your newly pimp up version of your blog !

By Khairul Nizam

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