Saturday, 2 June 2012

Adding Google Translate Widget on Blogger

Good Day.

When setting up my first blog:
I realized that my blog reader will come from all over the planet, and some of them might
not understand the English language, which is the language my blog is written in.

So, adding a translate widget seems like a good idea. Helping your planet-wide readers understand the content of your blog in their native language is important in conveying your blog message / mission.

And thankful readers will keep coming back for more...

  1. Let start by signing in to your blogger account
  2. Go to Layout
  3. Click Add a Gadget -  I put my translate widget on the Top Right side of my blog

 4.  Select the Translate Widget from the list
 5.  Key in the Title for your widget. I named mine Translate My Blog!
 6.  Choose your preferred style. I choose Vertical to save space on my blog
 7.  Then just click Save.


     Now you have a cool little widget that will help you in your world domination plans ^-^

     Have fun with your blog and drop me a comments...

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