Friday, 6 July 2012

Adding IntenseDebate Comments Box on Blogger

Have you seen this cool comments box from IntenseDebate on other blog?

The best thing about this comments box is, if your commenter have a blog, their latest post can be viewed directly from here. This is a big incentive for them to comment, since their post is auto magically shown as well, thus giving them free publicity. Hey, it's a win - win situation for every one, right ?

You'll get people to comment & give feedback on your post, in return they get free publicity
on your blog.

Let's install them now...

1. Head over to & sign up for a free account

2. After filling the required field, choose:  I want to install IntenseDebate on my blog

3. After you click on  Sign Up , an email with the verification code will be sent to your 
    email address

4. You have to go into your email account, and verify your email address.

5. Fill in your blog URL and click Next Step

6. Select the option - Display IntenseDebate Comments on all new posts

7. Open a new tab on your browser, and go to your blog. Log in into your Blogger account,  
    and click on TemplateLeave the IntenseDebate tab open for you'll be back after
    this step

8. Click Backup / Restore button on the top right corner. 

9. Then click Download full templateSave your template in somewhere convenient, 
    such as your Download folder.

10. This is what your saved Blog template looks like.

11. Go back on the IntenseDebate tab and follow the instruction on uploading your 
      earlier saved Blog template. Click on the Choose File button

12. Look for your saved blog template. It should be in the Download folder where you
      saved it earlier.  Click on it and click Open

13. Click on Upload file and continue

14. Left click once  in the text field box,  then  Right click  to copy those codes. 
      These codes are your blog template codes that have been inserted with IntenseDebate
      Comments codes.

15. Go back to your blog. Log in into your Blogger account, and click on Template.

16. Click Edit HTML & Proceed

17. Left click and choose Select all

18. Right click and select Paste

19. Save template and click close

Finally! you're done! this is a rather long process, huh. Check out your new and improved
comments box :

Drop me a comment on my IntenseDebate comments box to see how cool it look like...

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