Sunday, 1 July 2012

Adding NRelate Widget on Blogger

Have you ever viewed other blogs that have this cool widget installed ?

This cool widget shows your related blog post, with thumbnails and post title. It's a great way to keep your blog readers to continue reading your blog post, thus keeping them browsing longer and preventing them from leave your blog... FOREVER.

Okay... maybe not forever, hopefully for a few minutes longer ^-^

The widget is from NRelate, and it's easy to add on to your blog.

1. Click on : Get this plugin on your site.   It will take you to NRelate website.
2. Click to Install it.

3. Choose your blogging platform. Click on the Blogger symbol

4. Register for a free account on NRelate. Although there are options to install without 
    registering, I recommend that you register since you'll have an option to modify your 
    plugin setting in the future. 

    Another plus factor in registering is that you could choose the options to run
    advertisements within the NRelate plugin, thus giving you a way to monetize your blog.

5. Click on  Install,  and select Blogger as the blogging platform.
    Enter your Blog URL and click  Submit

6. There are 3 options for the plugin:
    - Posts Only :  The plugin will show only at the end of your post
    - Posts and Homepage  :  The plugin will show at the end of your post and on your 
       Home page.
    - All blog sections : The plugin will show on various parts of your blog.

    I choose the option: Posts and Homepage 

7.  Click  Add Widget  to begin the installation process on your blog. 

8.  Choose where you want your plugin to be in your blog. I placed mine under the Blog Post.
     Click save to complete your installation.

   Congratulations! You have successfully added NRelate to your blog. 

   It will take around 10 minutes for the plugin to appear within your blog, 
   so please be patient if you do not see it after installing it.

   Do drop me comments if you have any other good widgets on Blogging that you would
   like to recommend.

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